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Clash Royale Hacks s is a powerfull tool to increase your cash and gems. Was created by 10 programmers from around the world. Thanks us you can easly add unlimited amount of gems and cash to your Clash Royal account. It's very simple to use. Only what you have to do is choose a amount of gems/coins what you need and click generate. Process will start automaticaly on ours servers and gems will transfer to your account!

We have developed this online clash royale hack system that work on all device If you want a very easy way to boost your gems with any troubles, you are in correct place. Our system is one of best in the world, tested and satisfield guarantee. Our online based system is safe and very effective, it will give you unlimited amount of gold, elixir, even real gems. You just enter your name of Clash Royale and enter the amount of gems you want.

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  • IOS and Android


  • 1.CLick "Generate Gems" button. You will be move to gems generator page

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    Our server have to know that you are a human, not a robot checking our site. You have to veryfi that you are a human. Human veryication will show you automatically after click generate button. When veryfication will be done you can enjoy your gems now!


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Why this tool is special for you?

As you know, Clash Royale creators (Supercell well known studio for creating games such as Boom Beach, SimCityBuildIt or Swamp Attack) focused a lot of their efforts on making pay to win (p2w) game. A lot of functions are blocked and the only way to unlock them is to pay Gems or gold. Gold isn't that hard to get, but gems? They cost huge amount of real currency and only very rich people can afford them. Without Gems it's very difficult to keep up with the others. Lucky for you, we created Boom Beach Hack and it can guarantee not only gold or gems. Goods including elixir, gold, gems can be easily added for your account.

My account will safe?

This script channels you through hidden ports and connects you with your account anonymously. Your IP address is not hidden, because it is completely changed! Proxy servers made it possible and this is all you have to know about that. However, there are some other features you're gonna love. Auto updates, download buttons and very detailed help is something you are going to remember for a while.

IOS and Android?

While we were creating Clash Royale Hack we received a lot of requests. You guys wanted us to make it compatible with both iOS and Android systems. It wasn't easy thing to do due to diversity and numbers of differences in both systems. But worry not! Even though it was difficult, it was not impossible. Therefore, you can use our trainer on iOS and Android systems on any portable devices you have. There are no limitations. What's more, it was tested on few various phones and tablets and we haven't noticed any lags, freezes or problems related to these devices on computers on which we hacked this game. All these proves show that Clash Royale trick legitimate cheat and it can be used anywhere, anytime and as long as you want. For more information, check comment section and see what people think about our mods.

We are the group of programist from Canada. We spend a lot of weeks and days to prepare this amazing tool. Thanks this hack you can add unlimited amounts of items completely for Free! We are non-profit company. Programming is our passion, we was created around 100 applications and hacks. Trust as and chceck our abilities. You will be schocked!